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Love 'Em or Lose 'Em : Getting Good People to Stay
1999. . , Beverly L. Kaye, Sharon Jordan-Evans
233P, \18
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1. A.J.'s Exit
2. Ask: What Keeps You?
3. Boomers: Use 'Em!
4. Careers: Support Development!
5. Dignity: Honor Others!
6. Enrich: Stretch in Place!
7. Family: Get Friendly!
8. Goals: Multiply Them!
9. Hire: Fit Is It!
10. Information: Share It!
11. Jerk: Don't Be One!
12. Kicks: Get Some!
13. Link: Construct Connections!
14. Mentor: Be One!
15. Numbers: Run Them!
16. Opportunities: Mine Them!
17. Passion: Enable It!
18. Question: Reconsider the Rules!
19. Reward: Recognize Creatively!
20. Space: Give It!
21. Truth: Tell It!
22. Understand: Listen Deeper!
23. Values: Define and Align!
24. Wellness: Encourage It!
25. X-ers: Handle with Care!
26. Yield: Power Down!
27. Zenith: Reach for It!
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